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Oncology Nurse Navigators are registered nurses who are clinically knowledgeable about cancer and its treatment. They also are expert in navigating their patients across the continuum of care, from the moment of diagnosis throughout all forms of treatment and into long term survivorship or end of life. They identify barriers to care that impede a patient from getting the services, referrals and treatments they need, and provide resources to remove these barriers. They are experts in patient education, psychosocial support for the patient and his family too. This individual is a touchstone through the cancer journey. Consider this individual your advocate and "go to" person when questions arise. The navigator works closely with all of your team members too.

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Nursing is a calling. And oncology nursing is a calling like no other. The collective, specialized experience and expertise that our nurses possess has the power to transform cancer care for the better, forever. This is our reason to be. We provide these amazing women and men with a community where they can learn, share, and flourish. Where they have a voice. And where they are celebrated. The enormous contributions that our nurse members, nurse scientists, and nurse teachers have made since our inception in 1975 has made the Oncology Nursing Society who we are today: the standards bearer of advanced cancer care. Through ONS, cancer caregivers at any point on the clinical ladder are able to advance their learning and careers, understand and contribute to oncology science and best practices, advocate for their profession, and ultimately advance our cause—to continuously improve the quality of cancer care and the lives of every nurse who provides it.